PEEL puddle . sand . banded with brass




The three ‘PEEL’ feet of patinated bronze, in their loose, undulating form, 
suggest the parings of a peeled fruit. The resulting base is spare and self supporting. 
The making of this model by lost-wax casting shows remarkable technical prowess.
For a bigger, tailor-made table-top, the number of feet required (with a minimum of three) 
is determined by the dimensions of the table-top requested. 
The stone of the ”SAND“ table-top evokes a beach revealed at low tide, with white markings from seashell fragments captured in the stone's surface.
The stone is cut to suggest the shape of a tree-trunk (tree slice) and the resulting form represents a PUDDLE. 
A final detail, in the form of a patinated brass band, gives greater emphasis to the stone by reinforcing its contours. 
These ‘PEEL’ feet may, if desired, be ordered with a table-top in other types of stone, always with a banded finish of brass, priced on quotation.
Please have a look at 'materials' (the stone samples shown are just some suggestions from a wider choice available)



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