Anne Tack - MILO
Anne Tack - MILOAnne Tack - MILOAnne Tack - MILOAnne Tack - MILOAnne Tack - MILOAnne Tack - MILO



Milo is a free-standing sculptural form that lends itself equally well to solitary 
or grouped display. Its curved forms play softly with light and shadow, and its quiet strength is a delight to the eye. It lends itself to many uses, such as the display of artworks or a floral arrangement, among others. It is at home in every setting—in the hall, the living-room, the bedroom, on the landing. 
MILO is made of solid wood, with a matte-white satin finish, and is offered in two sizes.
note : variations in temperature or humidity can cause cracks to appear in solid wood; this is a normal property of this natural and living material.

ht 90 x diam. 30 cm
ht 120 x diam. 35 cm




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